Although our cats are already spayed/neutered, we have excellent news for you. If you are ready to open your heart to a new family member, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our trusted colleagues who will enthusiastically share more information about these wonderful kittens that are full of love and playfulness and are ready to find their forever homes. For more information about available kittens, please contact these registered breeding stations. Even if a kitten is not currently available, you can reserve one, and the wait will certainly be worthwhile.

Sirimal Cat, CZ – https://sirimal-cat.cz/kontakt/
TASHIDELE, CZ – https://tashidele.estranky.cz/clanky/kontakt/
AKVAMARIN, CZ – http://www.akvamarin.wz.cz/index.php?obsah=kontakt
Ruská modrá Ze Suché.CZ – https://ruskamodra-zesuche.webnode.cz/kontakt/

Vamiron, CZ cattery puts a high demand on socialization and readiness of the kitten to its new home (more information can be found HERE).

Kittens leave us after 13 weeks (abroad + 3-4 weeks when it is necessary to vaccinate against rabies). All of them are 2x vaccinated, dewormed several times, chipped, have European passport, FIFE pedigree, reservation and purchase contract, if the kitten goes outside the Czech Republic is vaccinated against rabies. All data in the European passport are confirmed by a veterinarian. Our kittens are socialized, toilet trained, scratching post, well-groomed. They are accustomed to the normal hustle and bustle of the household (we do not raise kittens in the bathroom, basement, garden house, cages or basement), they grow up in an environment where high demands are placed on cleanliness and hygiene. Our cats and kittens do not come into contact with other animals. We do not own cages or aviaries. We provide breeding services throughout their lives and are happy to stay in contact with new owners. Both mother and father of the kittens are health tested for FIV, FeLV, Streptococcus canis, Chlamydophila, Mycoplasma and are regularly dewormed. These tests are not compulsory and not all kennels carry them out.
The kittens will receive a small kit for their new home (Optimanova Kitten, Smarty Tofu Cat Litter Original, canned food and pouches that the kitten is used to, complete advice for the beginning including the whole diet, …). For owners who have no experience with the cat, we will be happy to advise on everything.

We pride ourselves on communication with the future owner and we expect the same from them. Each litter has weekly photos and video. You can watch complete videos of our litters here.

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